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Another Week Goes By… & Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3So another week has gone by and i've barely noticed it was there. It's a bit hard to believe that it has already been three weeks since we have been back from overseas.

As you can probably guess, i've had little to blog about lately. All that's recently happened is me getting Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. It's pretty much the standard C&C game with a different storyline. I have been, and still am, very critical of the fact that the C&C games have not changed much in over 10 years, specifically and especially gameplay-wise.

But as long as they still make the games with awesomely cool full-motion-video cutscenes and storyline, i think i'll be a sucker every time. This is even more so with Red Alert, as the storyline and custscenes are purposefully so ridiculously over-the-top and just awesomely bad, it makes it just plain awesome.

This game is just so perfectly targeted to the young adult male gaming demographic, and perfect case-in-point is inclusion of many of the main characters being young attractive female's wearing very revealing short-skirts (see The Girls of Red Alert 3).

I've already played through the Soviet campaign, and now i'm playing through the Allied one. I can't say i'm really interested in playing the game online though, but i never have been a fan of playing RTSs online.

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