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Euro Trip Day 8: Today’s the Big Day & Not the Time to be Travelling

Part of our 2008 European Trip. See the explanation and summary entry.

In the past few days we returned to my family here in Cyprus, and today is the main reason why we came here in the first place. Today is the wedding day of my cousin, and the place here is abuzz with preparations, cleaning, and last minute organising.

It's been a relatively quiet past few days since we returned here; we've sort of just taken it easy. Yesterday we did go and inspect the family land, and also did a few other miscellaneous things.

The night before last I did manage to get onto the internet and check my mail, Google Reader and alike. I saw the news of the continuing financial trouble in Australia and once again was thankful i hadn't entered the share market.

It really is a bad time to be travelling in that regard. The Aussie dollar just seems to be freefalling at the moment. It's not good news, as our money seems to be covering less and less. When me and Des split from the family and head off to Greece, London, and Paris i'm sure it'll tell even more.

Here's hoping that by Wednesday that the dollar will rebound and that it'll at least buy us the same amount of Euros and Pounds as it did before we left. The timing sucks twofold, as when we get back the aforementioned gaming season kicks in and i'm going to be wanting to import all the new games which are usually priced in US dollars. The Aussie dollar seems to be doing the worst against the US one at the moment, the last time I checked it was buying a paltry US$0.65 compared to the awesome US$0.96 of a few months ago.

Anywho, I'm really getting excited about our upcoming side-trip, it's what i'm most looking forward to on this holiday. I can't wait to get to London and do all the Arsenal-stuff that i've planned, and hopefully they'll be able to win the darn game :).

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