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STFU LucasArts

The Force Unleashed: Now NOT on PC!!!! >:(To stray from convention, the acronym in the title actually stands for Stuff The Force Unleashed, LucasArts. *warning! angry Star Wars fan rant!!*

Being a Star Wars fan, I normally gobble up anything that Lucasfilm, and especially LucasArts (George Lucas' game company) throw out there.

But this time I am pretty p'oed.

I play a fair bit of games, and my preferred hardcore gaming platform (sorry Wii, you are definitely not hardcore) is the PC. Normally that isn't a problem, because other than the exclusive mostly manufacturer-developed titles (ala Halo for the XBox, Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation 3), most of the big blockbuster games get released on the PC as well as the consoles.

But now for some reason that nobody from LucasArts has adequately explained, for the first time for a big Star Wars game, they have decided that they will release this year's big game, The Force Unleashed, on pretty much every single platform other than the PC.

Yes, I am talking almost every single platform that is currently in today's market. Not only are they releasing it on the Wii in addition to the big two aforementioned platforms, but also the the obsolete Playstation 2, the handhelds of the Nintedo DS and Sony PSP, but ALSO for some freaking reason the mobile-phone handhelds as well: iPhone, Nokia N-Gage!

Pretty much the only explanation that has come out of LucasArts is this:
[If we made the game for high-end PCs], someone with a low-end PC would have a watered down experience, they would have to turn all the settings down and it wouldn't be the same game. On the other hand if we made that game for as many people as possible then it's not taking advantage of what those $US 4,000 systems can do.

C'mon, you are releasing the damn game on the Wii, DS, PSP, and the iPhone, and you don't want people to have a "watered down experience" of the game??! Give us a bit of credit here.

As most have pointed out, although they won't publicly admit it, this is probably a big trial run for LucasArts to see how well they can release a big game whilst avoiding the PC because of how relatively easier it is to pirate games on the computer.

Don't be surprised if in 12 months down the track, after they've made all their initial release and hype money off the console versions, they will release a PC version of the game to try to squeeze what they can out of the PC market at that time.

As a non-pirating game purchaser, I've got to say that i'm personally quite insulted by this whole situation. This kind of corporate behaviour makes me want to pirate their games. I've legally bought nearly every single Star Wars game released in the past 15 years, back when most were released only on the PC.

As a result i'm totally boycotting this game. No, i'm not going to buy - how did they put it: - a "watered down" version of the game on the Wii or DS, even though that I actually own those platforms.

Crysis has shown that a high-end PC game can sell well even though it is aimed at high-end PC systems, and the recently released expansion to that, Crysis: Warhead, shows that it is possible to have awesome graphics and physics on relatively lower-end systems.

So in short, screw you LucasArts, you aren't getting any of my money for this game.

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