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Nintendo DS & IBM Demos

Nintendo DSAfter much continued pleading from the Mrs., this week I bought her a Nintendo DS so she could get her hands on the Cooking Guide 'game'. In the end I thought I should be encouraging her as much as possible to cook, so i'm expecting a pretty big return on investment!

I also got Sonic Rush and i've ordered New Super Mario Bros. and a protective case from overseas. The good thing about the DS is that there is basically no region protection/divisions so you can pretty much buy games from wherever you please (and save a fair bit of money from getting ripped off here in Australia).

In geekery news, on Thursday we went into the IBM building in the city for work to check out some of their equipment; specifically the Blade servers. Some of the stuff was pretty impressive, but i was really expecting a bit more in terms of a demonstration.

Also doing the rounds recently is this website called the Mojave Experiment. Very interesting stuff, but it's a pretty sad indictment on Microsoft that they've had to go that far.

That said, i do think that, outside of a business setting, that what they are trying to convey is essentially true. In my opinion, as long as your hardware is good enough, Vista is a pretty good operating system if you approach it with an open mind. It is the preconceived notions and opinions that are largely crippling Vista from selling to the home-user market.

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  1. Totally with you about Vista. Different, yes, but in my mind it's the difference between Windows 3.11 (yes, I go back that far) and Windows 95 - it's sad that we haven't had a real paradigm shift in OS's since 1995!


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