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Clone Wars, Movies, & Work Disasters

It's been quite a recent few days. Wednesday was the local public holiday for the Ekka, and very sadly it is the last one before Christmas. The Ekka holiday is always a bitter-sweet one in that regard, but i'll still take it nonetheless.

The night before the holiday we went and saw Wanted. I had low expectations of the movie, but in the end i was quite satisfied in turning off my brain and enjoying the pretty explosions and senseless violence. So I was pleasantly surprised by that one. The last line of the movie was quite strange though: i felt as though the main character was asking the audience why they are wasting they're lives lazing about and watching corny movies like the one we just sat through. It could've been just my take though...

Star Wars: The Clone WarsLast night we saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I didn't have too high expectations for this one, but after getting over the 'different' jerky animation style, I quite enjoyed it. If you go into it knowing that the thing is aimed at kids, and that George Lucas wanted it to resemble a Thunderbirds-esque visual style, then i think it's quite a good offering.

Seeing a Warner Bros. intro before the movie was quite surreal (as all previous Star Wars movies were distributed by 20th Century Fox), and some of the voices and lip-syncing weren't quite right. Even though I thought it was good, I don't think i'll see this one again at the movies.

The past few days at work has been a nightmare. I was doubly depressing coming after the last public holiday befor Christmas. It was kind of like the proverbial work-monster saying: "Now that you are out of your public holiday cards, i'm going to remind you that you are mine for the next four months!!!". That sort of sounds like something Gysdintu would say... *note to self: create a new monster for flash intro related to Gysdintu*.

The problem at work was that the entire external data connections for our organisation (the internet and WAN links) totally died. We're with Uecomm (Optus' business data provider), and boy in the last few months they definitely have not made too many fans around our office.

It took them four hours to diagnose and replace a faulty switch at their exchange, and after that we were still having intermittent issues. The next day (today), the issues were still occurring, and after some more cajoling it was diagnosed that the replaced switch was misconfigured in terms of its MTU settings.

That was only rectified this afternoon, over 26 hours after we first had issues. That is quite pathetic for a business-grade fibre-optic service under a SLA.

Anywho, i'm glad this week is over.

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