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Charity Dinners & Bribie Festivals

What? Thursday already? It's probably a little late to do a weekend-review blog entry, but as they say, better late than never.

On Saturday night we went to a Charity dinner for Fr. Themi and the Paradise Kids 4 Africa mission. It was a good night (although i was disappointed at missing out on winning a Playstation 3 ;)), and definitely a great cause. I strongly encourage people to consider donating to them (they even have a schmick new website!).

Sunday was the Bribie Island Paniyiri (Greek Festival), and that saw us spending most of the day volunteering there. Like last year, it was once again fantastic weather and a lot of people turned up.

Bribie Paniyiri

I mainly helped out selling drinks and ice-creams, although at the end of the day i totally jammed a finger in the sliding drawer of the ice-cream fridge. It was extremely painful, and i kept the finger in ice for the next hour.

On Monday i spent the day at home; partly because of my bruised finger (which was the right-middle one, hence no right-clicking!), and also because of some bad headaches that I was having, which I attribute to a bit of dehydration/sunstroke/exhaustion from the day before. It was a welcome rest and much needed.

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