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Unexpected Opposition, Unexpected Result, Another Final

This afternoon we played the semi-final of the current indoor season. To make the finals has been a great effort for the team, considering we started the season essentially in last place on the ladder (we were actually second-last, but the team below us withdrew from the comp).

Unexpectedly our opposition today was the same side that beat us last week, finishing the season first, with us being second. With those final standings there was no way we should have been playing each other in the semi-finals.

Anyway, we shrugged that off and proceeded to absolutely annihilate them 8-1. The scoreline didn't really do us justice as we could have easily had about three times as many goals. I scored one lucky deflected goal as everyone else got at least two; my finishing was absolutely shocking: alone i probably missed at least 5 sitters. They barely threatened our goal throughout the match.

So again we make another final (that's the third in a row for us), and according to the pattern this final should be a loss for us. Of course I hope to break that pattern next week.

Other than that, there really hasn't been too much going on that's worth blogging. On Wednesday night we went to the first in a series of talks at Church on the seven Ecumenical Councils, and last night we ended up at Lonestar for dinner after Church.

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