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Moving Up

We've just come home from a stirring game of indoor. Before the game we were 6th with only 6 points separating the top six teams. Today we played the second team, next week we play the 3rd team, and the week after that we play 1st team.

So playing the top 3 teams in three weeks could decide if we make the finals or not. The team we played today wiped the floor with us in the trials at the start of the season, but today we edged them out in a nail-biter.

We were losing 1-2 at half-time, but we fought back to win 5-4. At times we rode our luck, but I think it was a deserved result.

This weekend i also played through Call of Duty 4 again. I don't know why i did it, but last night I felt like doing it. The awesome graphics and storyline didn't hurt either. So i think I can put that one back onto the shelf now; i'm not really interested in the multiplayer side of it.

I think maybe i'll have to play through Bioshock and Crysis again when I have some time...

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