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In Vienna Football Won

Spain win the European ChampionshipNot only Spain, but football won in the European Championship final this morning. They showed that slick, attacking passing football can win games and win tournaments. The boring and dull defensive game, epitomised by the Italians and Greeks, that in recent times has proved effective in not losing games was ultimately outdone by proper and exciting football.

Spain play the Arsenal - and to an extent the Man Utd - way of football, and it was a joy to watch. In the final the Spanish midfield made the Germans look like schoolboys; the Germans could barely play the ball out of their defensive third for much of the match. They only managed to score the one goal but should have scored many more.

Well done to Spain, their win can only be good for football.

Also, if you remember, Spain was one of my picks at the start of the tournament ;).

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