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Study Bibles, Football

Orthodox Study BibleLast night we finally received our copies of the newly released Orthodox Study Bible, complete with Old and New Testaments. This book has felt like ages in coming (I think when i first heard of its development, it was slated for a 2005 release), but the end product is worth it and kudos to all who worked on it.

I am a little surprised at the thinness of the Bible; i was expecting it to be much much bigger. It seems they managed to trim the size down by making each page the thickness of exactly 3 atoms. I joke of course, but the pages are really thin, and sometimes it can get annoying as the text from the other side of the page can make the words a little difficult to read.

Last night was the FA Cup final, and Portsmouth ended up winning a dreary affair 1-0. It wasn't anywhere nearly as bad as last year's game, and it was good to see a game of live football on free-to-air television, although the commentary from Mark Bosnich as absolutely nauseating. How the heck an ex-coke addict can get a job calling a FA Cup final is absolutely beyond me, hopefully SBS will come to their senses and restore the Martin Tyler commentary next season.

I resumed playing indoor today, as we lost 4-2. I didn't play particularly well, i really need to work on my fitness. On that note, recently we purchased a cheapish elliptical to accomplish just that purpose (plus to try and shed a few kilos too).

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