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Shaped & Into Another Final

This month I'd actually thought I'd give my internet data transfer quota a real run for its money (literally). With a week to go in my billing period, i kicked of downloading some torrents that i've been wanting to download for a while. Quickly enough, for the first time ever I hit our 12GB quota on Friday.

For a lot of people reading this from overseas, the notion of 'download/transfer quotas' for an internet service would be totally foreign (pun intended). But such is the state of internet service in this country that we actually have them.

Anywho, so hitting our quota means that for the rest of our billing period (until the 10th), our internet speed has been 'shaped' or slowed. Instead of the usual 8 megabits/s download speeds we've gotten used to, we're now at 64 kilobits/s speed, and i've got to say that for a geek like me it should be given its own name as a type of torture.

This afternoon we also played in the semi-final of our indoor season. We were playing the same team that beat us 2-1 in last week's game, but this afternoon we played infinitely better.

One of the reasons why we lost last week was that after they scored the first goal and got in front, they basically had everyone behind the ball defending for the rest of the game. So in my opinion for us to do have done well this afternoon we really had to make sure not to concede the first goal.

We did exactly that and scored first. Also, for some reason I was having an absolute blinder of a game. I scored the second, after the ball was nicely played around to me, which was good because I can't count how many times I have been in awesome positions this season and not had the ball passed to me.

At half time, we were 3-0 up, and after the break i scored another goal, and this one I was quite proud of: nailing it home from a tightish angle to surprise their good keeper. We sat back and defended after that, with them grabbing one consolation goal to finish the game 4-1 to us.

So that's another final we will be playing in next week, and we're really due for a win. Since i've started indoor we've been in four finals, and our record has been win-loss-win-loss. So it better be a win next week :).

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