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It’s been a while… & Pleasant Surprises

It's been a while since i've blogged, and March is turning out to be a slow month in the Costi blogging arena.

On the weekend I played indoor and we ended our run of successive draws by winning a vital game quite convincingly. Unfortunately Arsenal couldn't do the same and ended up with their 4th successive draw, this giving Man Utd a three point lead at the top after being five points in front themselves, so it looks increasingly like Arsenal have thrown the title away with these draws.

Despite this week being a four-day week, it isn't really with work at the moment. We in IT are taking advantage of the weekday 'out of hours' time by doing some maintenance and upgrades that can't be done during the business day. Thus i've worked till around 9 tonight, and we're due to go back in tomorrow too.

So i'm generally not in a good mood at the moment, partly because of that and partly because of other things that I can't really mention in this public forum.


Wow, after i was just about to submit this post, i've checked my website email addresses and received this email sent to the public site address (names and places **edited** out for privacy):

Hi Lucas,
I'm a teacher here in **smallish town** County, Michigan, USA.
A student was playing games on your website so I wrote it down to check on it at home.
I'm impressed that a 6th grader could find such a nice site.
**Jane Doe**

Wow, and in one swoop something comes along that totally brightens up what was a depressing day. A big public 'thank you' to **Jane Doe** for helping to cheer me up. I'll be sure to try and keep the site suitable for 6th graders 🙂

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