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Jumping Back Into Indoor

Saturday night after Church a few of us went and saw the movie Jumper. I thought it was ok, but i think they didn't really go as far as they could have gone with the concept. I think that was partly because it seemed that they were already focusing on possible sequels, which really peeves me off, especially when there is nothing definite planned.

On Sunday we played our first game at the new relocated indoor sports place now at West End. It's strange everything being so new, especially the new astro-turf. It's really long and gives a bit as you walk and run on it. One thing that i fear is how grippy the new turf is: with the previous stuff you could easily slide/pivot on the surface, but now your feet really 'sticks' a lot more, so i'm mindful of preventing any ligament/tendon injuries as a possible result.

Also, today was our 2nd wedding anniversary, to quote last year's entry, "I cannot begin to describe the insaneness of how quickly this one year has passed", which feels even more true this year.

Tonight we went to dinner at a fancy-ish restaurant, and despite ordering what we thought was lamb shanks, we instead got pasta with lamb in it. Don't you just hate how those type of restaurants use fancy names and words that nobody knows what the heck they mean?? I didn't realise there were a thousand names for asparagus. Nevertheless, the meal was nice anyway.

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