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Horrific, Frustrating Arsenal

Eduardo tackleI watched the Arsenal game last night over my parent's place, and I have to say that I haven't seen a more frustrating and depressing game in a very long time.

The main incident (other than the 2-2 score-line), was an absolutely horrific tackle in the 3rd minute of the game. The picture to the right shows the moment right before impact. The result of that left a young talented player on the floor with his leg literally snapped in two, his season over and more importantly his whole career seriously in doubt.

The injured Eduardo needed nine minutes of treatment on the pitch before they could even stretcher him off, and Sky Sports (the English broadcaster) wouldn't even show replays of the incident during the match because of the graphic nature. Actual replays of the incident can be viewed here, but i must warn you that it is quite graphic. I don't share the view of the commentators in that video: whilst I don't doubt the offending player didn't mean to break his leg, I do think there was intent to harm there - coming in so high over the ball with his studs up doesn't happen by 'accident'.

The rest of the game was also bad - many bad refereeing decisions, the most notable a last minute penalty call that really wasn't one, saw Arsenal only manage to draw 2-2 when they should have really had the 3 points wrapped up quite easily long before that.

This afternoon I also had my indoor game, with that tackle playing on my mind a bit. Honestly, that kind of thing is my worst nightmare in playing football. You just never know if some psycho will stick his boot into the side of your leg like that for whatever reason.

Especially after breaking my foot a few years back, I very much play a very sensible game. I play very cleanly and don't get involved in any confrontations. If there's a 50-50 ball that I think i could get injured by going to a challenge, then I won't go for it, it's just not worth the risk.

Also, congrats to Michael on his engagement!

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