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Pelvic Thrusts: UT3 Action

Me Winning a Round of UT3I've spent a fair few nights over the past weeks playing a lot of Unreal Tournament 3 online (i.e. with other people over the internet), and it's been awesome, pelvic thrusting awesome.

For the unaware, in UT3 there are these pre-set 'taunts' that you can give the opposition. One of these taunts is the ever-popular 'pelvic thrust'.

If you win a round in the deathmatch mode, the reward for victory is that every player in the game sees the winning player on their screens for about 15 seconds. Most winners choose to use this 15 seconds of gaming fame by making good use of the available taunts, most doing a few pelvic thrusts whilst everyone is watching.

Not being one to shun tradition, in the few rounds that I have won, I have also done the same. Below is one of these moments in frame-by-frame glory.

Pelvic Thrusting UT3 Goodness

Internet, and in particular gaming 'culture', definitely is a funny thing. hehe pwned

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