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Loving This Weather

RainMan I am loving this weather.

The weather in Brisbane really since the start of the Christmas break has been raining and cool. This is awesome for three reasons: one, it's totally awesome; two, it's raining and putting some water in our almost-empty (or a very little-full depending on your point of view) dams; and three, this has got to be the coolest Christmas-time conditions that I can remember.

It's quite strange, because as Brisbane has been quite cool these past few weeks, the southern states have been sweltering in 40+ degree weather. It's quite the reversal of the normal state of affairs.

So far this summer we've only had to use the air-conditioning for a few days in early December, so i'm grateful for these cooler temperatures.

Hopefully the cool temps and the rain will stay around for a while yet.

Work has been tough the past few days. It's only been a three day week and i'm already planning to take my next set of leave.

3 thoughts on “Loving This Weather”

  1. my msn names said it all...
    5/Jan: "Dear Melbourne. Please take your weather back at your earliest convenience."
    7/Jan: "Dear Melbourne. Thank you."
    During the massive thunderstorm: "Dear Melbourne. Touche."
    (needless to say, i don't share Lucas' views on weather 🙂 )


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