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Cloverfield posterWe went and saw Cloverfield on Monday night, after Michael came to work spouting that is was one of the best movies that he had ever seen. After hearing that and reading up on and the mysterious mysteriousness (?!) of the movie, i decided I had to see it for myself before my inherent curiosity and the internet would ruin any of the intended effect of the movie before i would have a chance to properly experience it.

It's a weird movie shot in a Blair Witch style, that documents an ... 'incident' ... in New York. That's pretty much all I can say without giving too much of it way, but lets say it sort of is a 'monster' movie.

I thought it was pretty good, but not anywhere near the best movie I had seen. The constant movement of the camera did leave me feeling very nauseous at times, but that might have been helped along by some suspect sushi that we ate before seeing the movie.

It felt very much like a J.J. Abrams (creator/producer of Lost) plot: shrouded in mystery and suspense, and as expected, the ending didn't really settle or close too much of the questions that you want answers to in watching the film. Obviously, they've left it open for a sequel should the movie be popular enough.

Moving on: i've disappointed myself with my blogging frequency lately. I've recently found myself using up my spare time on the computer playing Unreal Tournament 3 rather than blogging. I'll try to turn it around a bit :).

4 thoughts on “Cloverfield”

  1. two things, blu-ray sucks ass (only because it came from the playstation), and how did you not like cloverfield?? you suck. i'll get your games back to you soon

  2. OP: it didn't come from the playstation, it came mainly from Sony, and nevertheless, it is a superior format. Where did i say i did not like Cloverfield? To quote my post: "I thought it was pretty good, but not anywhere near the best movie I had seen."

    And i gave Orange Box to my brother for Christmas.

    a/s: your record hasn't been too good either 😛


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