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The Cost of Gaming

It's been a great past few days. It's been so long since i haven't even thought about work on a weekend, i'm really enjoying the time off (and we've barely hit the weekday parts yet!).

Of course I have taken advantage of this time to catch up on some gaming. I've bought so many games in the past few months that they've quite literally piled up!

As i've promised earlier, I've also taken some time out to tally up how much (in pure monetary terms) this game wave has cost me. The list below contains each game, where i got it from, and the total cost of the games (and if bought overseas or online, including any shipping costs and foreign currency transaction fees):

- The Orange Box (eBay Store): AUD$70
- Medal of Honor: Airborne ( USD$52 = AUD$58.19 (inc fee)
- Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance ( USD$38 = AUD$44.34 (inc fee)
- Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (EB Games): AUD$90
- Crysis Special Edition ( USD$64 = AUD$68.18 (inc fee)
- Super Mario Galaxy (JB-Hifi): AUD$79
- Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition ( USD$65 = AUD$76.84 (inc fee)
- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ( USD$45 = AUD$53 (inc fee)

TOTAL: AUD$539.55

Wow, when you look at the total it is a lot of money, but it is a heck of a lot of games. I've got absolutely no regrets about it, so far it's been worth every cent. I can't remember any time before when so many huge titles have been released so close to each other, if those games were spread out over the year I still would have bought them all.

As you can tell, i bought most of the PC games from overseas in order to save money. Another interesting total is the amount that i've saved in doing so. I've quickly tallied up the savings i've made by comparing the cheapest store price of those games here in Brisbane (usually from JB HiFi) to the total price i paid online (including shipping and fees): i've saved roughly AUD$130. And that's comparing them to JB prices; that saving would easily double if i compare them to normal EB prices.

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