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Footballing Goodness

It's been 24 hours of footballing goodness. Last night we played our last ever game at the complex at the Valley, as the owners of the place have sold up to developers and are moving it to West End.

We ended up playing in the last fixture of the place at 9pm last night, us comfortably winning the game 9-0, and myself scoring a hat-trick. It was a good lively game, and i think i played pretty good.

The bad news is that fixtures don't resume in the new complex until the start of February, so now i've got over a month deprived of my almost-only form of exercise and still many video-games to play through. I'm not looking forward to the effect of that on my waistline, i have to do something in absence of playing each week.

The other footballing goodness of the past 24 hours was Arsenal beating Chelsea last night to go back to the top of the table following Man Utd's win over Liverpool. I dislike Chelsea even more than Man Utd (says a lot!), and it was good to see Ashley Cole (former Arsenal player that left the club in acrimony to join Chelsea) get taken out right at the end and having a winge as he left the pitch like the little money-hungry cry-baby he is.

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