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Ending of Years & Awards

Today was (hopefully) the last day of work for the year. After a relatively comfortable working year last year, this year has been absolutely nuts. To say it's been interesting is a massive understatement: we're onto our 3rd IT Manager of the year, and i've found myself having learnt so much, mostly through having been made to do it by necessity.

This afternoon was also the office Christmas party in which we spent the afternoon at Victoria Park Golf Club. With the annual office awards i took out the Best Support award. I was basically a shoe-in being the only IT guy in the whole company that's been there for more than a few months.

The Christmas party also reminded me how it is absolutely impossible to escape my line of work wherever i go. A DVD was produced of people in the company for the party, and despite everything supposed to be set up and ready to go in terms of the facility's projectors, cables, etc, i found myself spending about an hour setting up computers, projectors and cables for the almost incompetent staff and equipment at the golf club for us to use. There is no escape in IT.

After that a few of us went and played a round of putt-putt. I haven't played it in years, and it was great fun. I scored two hole-in-ones, but some lazy finishing led to Michael edging me out by three shots in the end to win.

After that, we had a quick round on the driving range. I have never hit a golf ball with any other club than a putter before in my life (other than on the Wii ;)), so it was quite a strange experience. It was doing this that i managed to make the best shot of the day: I actually managed to hit the buggy driving around picking of the balls. I was surprised as anyone when i heard the sweet *twang* of success as my ball hit the cage of the buggy.

Anywho, there's so much to do now that we're on holidays, not least playing though all these games!

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