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2007: Year In Review

It's hard to believe that i'm doing this entry, this year has flown by like no other. I'm trying to think of reasons on why this has happened, but this year has really just flowed on from one thing to another that we've barely had time to catch our breath.

Anywho, onto the highlights.


- 3 Years On: The Unreleased Material: Maybe I should make a downloadable DVD of 'extras'... nah.
- Writing: Some thoughtful observations of 21st century literacy.
- Youth Conference Wrap-Up: Greek Orthodox National Youth Conference held in Brisbane, including photos


- Birthday: Not too much of a 'highlight' this year, but worth including nonetheless
- Turning Off PC Gaming?: A nice editorial on my opinions of console vs. PC gaming.
- Anniversary Weekend: Our first wedding anniversary


- New Mobile: Nokia 5300: Definitely a geek highlight.
- IT: We're Not All Brain Surgeons: A pretty good rant


- Palm Sunday (Saturday) & Hot Fuzz: Good night with some good photos.
- Easter 2007: Always a highlight
- Consumerism: Trudging along waiting for price cuts: Another little rant, starting the process of getting a new computer
- Wedding Trilogy Complete & Goal Drought Over: The last of my siblings to get married


- My (Affordable) Dream Computer & Frustrations: Me getting a new computer, definitely a geek highlight
- Stop Calling it 'Ice'!!: A nice rant
- This Should Be Interesting...: One of the defining moments of my work year.


- Demolition & Parallel Importing: My new-founded PC game purchasing policy
- Sickness: The Streak is Over: The ending of the streak, a very sad day


- Milestones: 500 entries, Car Turns 100000, Into the Final: Milestones
- Weekend: Transformers & Champions: Champions of indoor at last
- The Bribie Site is Live!: The launch of a website that I designed


- Trivia & Bribie Paniyiri: A good day up at Bribie
- Lunar Eclipse: Astrological event with some awesome photos


- Backups: There Are No Excuses: Another good rant
- 'This should be interesting...' Take 2 & Some Awesomes: The next round of work dramas


- The Game Wave: Probably the defining thread of the last 3 months of the year
- Sore Losers: One of the most memorable indoor games of the year


- Runners Up: Losing the final
- Orange Box Arrives... Again!: Quite unbelievable sequence of waiting for something
- England Get Deserved Result: My own eulogising of England's pathetic football team
- Change of Government: Election day for Australia 2007
- Statistics 2007: Final day of NaBloPoMo and a look at website statistics


- Telepathic Annoyance Beams: For some reason, i think this is great blogging
- Ending of Years & Awards: Receiving awards is always good
- The Cost of Gaming: As tally of money spend on the game wave
- The Best and Worst of 2007: A critics review

So that's it for 2007 and the fourth complete year of me having a blog. Here's hoping for an even better 2008 and half a decade of blogging!

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