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Kicking off NaBloPoMo 2007: Waiting for Orange Box

Day 1 of NaBloPoMo 2007

^^ So it begins! it's going to be pretty tough to keep this one up this year but here it goes. Apologies in advance for short, poor-quality posts.

Today basically sucked. Work was crazy, but my biggest frustration of the past week has been waiting for The Orange Box that i've ordered to arrive.

Although they say the expected shipping time is 6-12 business days, all my previous orders have been delivered within a week as long as it had crossed a weekend.

This particular shipment was shipped on the 16th, so my calculations make 12 business days today. I'm become really sick of waiting, i really don't expect it to arrive. I reckon it's lost in the post. Yesterday I had contacted the website i ordered it from and they predictably said to wait the full 12 days, so I think that if it doesn't arrive tomorrow morning i'll contact them again.

The situation is bad because I haven't really got anything to play at the moment! AND there is literally 9 games out/coming out in the next 30 days that i'm super eager to play. Here's another quick list: Orange Box, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga, Sam & Max Season 2 Epsiode 1, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

So you can see why i at least wanted to get one game now to play through before the wave hits us. 🙁

The waiting is the hardest part... hehe awesome song.

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