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Do I Have An Accent??

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Nothing much happening today, so i'm going to go with one of my pre-prepared topics.

It's happened several times now over the years: people that i've just met remarking that I have a (usually) American accent, and asking where in North America am i from.

I don't really get it, i'm born and raised here in Brisbane, and I don't think i sound at all American. Especially when i was at uni at the start of a semester of tutorials, a fair few people tagged me as an overseas American student.

Just a few weeks ago, the guy doing the gardening here at the unit asked me which part of Ontario (a Canadian province) i was from. Weird.

I think i must pronounce certain words in a slightly North-American accent that confuses people sometimes...

3 thoughts on “Do I Have An Accent??”

  1. I get that all the time, it's so annoying!
    Although my pet peeve at the moment is people assuming that because I order a taxi from a school, I must be a student...I have long hair and that's a private school, people!

  2. although it's probably our own fault, since we've let our television channels show near-purely american stuff for the last 20 years, and most of us grew up with sesame street...


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