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Crap Day

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Today was crap, so i'm not going to go into it too much: the air-conditioning in the server room was accidentally shut off by stupid electricians which resulted in very loud screaming 2 racks worth of servers wailing for some cool air, and firewalls shutting themselves off because it got too hot to bear.

That plus hard drives in servers starting to fail, as well as a crap-load of stuff that never happens actually happening, and of course all this on the first day in ages when it's only me in the IT department.

Enough complaining. I'm looking forward to tomorrow not least because i'm not actually going to work. I've earned a time-off-in-lieu day because of all the weekend maintenance that i've done, so i'm taking a day off to start playing all these video-games.

Now off to kill some computer-generated evil WWII Nazis...

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