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Trivia and Semi Final

On Friday night Des and I went to a trivia night the southside parish youth was putting on. I really enjoy trivia nights, but it's been frustrating going to them lately: for the last 3 trivia nights i've been to, the team i was for all three finished in second place.

Well, Friday night was a tight one: our team finished third, and missed out on winning it by half a mark, as two other teams were tied above us. A few of the questions and answers were dodgy (half marks? wtf), but overall it was thoroughly enjoyable. Plus there was some added entertainment with the units next the Church hall we were in having open windows, and through which we could see that on the TV in the unit the occupants were watching some hardcore porn. We all had a good laugh.

Today I did the monthly server maintenance for work as a system admin still hasn't started yet.

This afternoon was also our indoor semi final: it was a really tight game; we were playing a team which we hadn't beaten all season. They took the lead, but we equalised soon after. Their goal-keeper was absolutely amazing: his positioning and saves were out of this world. Against any other team we would have had 5 or 6 goals.

In the end we milked the game for the draw, the game ending 1-1 which meant that we go through to the final because we had the higher table position. It's a crappy rule, and i feel sorry for the other team because they never really lost the match, and i know i would be cut if we were on the losing end of the draw.

Nevertheless to another final we go, and i have a feeling that we will be playing the team from last week, and we all know how that went down. It should make for an interesting game though...

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  1. Dude! Best trivia ever - Tuesday nights at the Manly Hotel! It's free, fun, you can win drinks, and they really don't care if you cheat by ringing people and asking them to google stuff for you. Although I don't call it cheating, I call it consulting external members of the team.:D


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