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Earning My Wage

Wow, that week was pretty nuts. After the previous quiet few weeks at work I was hoping that this week wouldn't be that bad now that the IT Manager had left. Boy was I wrong, it's undoubtedly the busiest week i've had since the last IT Manager left.

Although the disasters this week weren't exactly on the same scale as last time, it was still pretty stressful, but at least I wasn't on my own as thankfully I had some help with Nathan coming back on a temporary basis to help out. It's just frustrating that issues that never happen decide to rear their heads during this period.

There was a rather comical moment, when in watching the critically low disk-space on one server volume and discussing the situation, we witnessed the limited free space left on that volume start to plummet rather uncharacteristically. Panicky calls to people followed, but in hindsight it was rather amusing that at that precise time that we were specifically watching the situation that someone (rightly-so) copied across a deployment for a large piece of software onto the volume.

After getting home a bit late last night from work, Des and I decided to go get some Sushi and go watch a late movie. We ended up seeing the last session of Superbad. I wasn't really expecting much, but i was pleasantly surprised. It's the usual male teen angst type of story, but there were so many moments when i truly lol'd. It was pretty hilarious, and recommended for a reality-escaping movie, which is just what I needed after this last week.

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