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‘This should be interesting…’ Take 2 & Some Awesomes

Some will recall this entry from earlier this year. Well barely three months on, the new IT manager at work has resigned for family reasons, which are perfectly understandable. The timing absolutely sucks though, with a lot of the senior management people who are mainly responsible for recruiting a replacement having just gone on a few weeks leave.

So again it looks like a few interesting weeks are coming until a replacement arrives, and hopefully it won't be nearly as bad as last time.

It's all a little frustrating, as it comes just as things have settled down a bit at work. To quote a previous entry: "Hopefully the recruitment process to find a replacement will be quick so that a handover between the administrators can take place without me trying to fill the gap for too long at all"... again. I'm a little more confident about it than last time, i think i've learnt a lot in the past four months.

Anywho, last night after Church we snubbed a bit of the group and went to Nando's to eat dinner instead of going to some new overpriced Greek restaurant in West End. I can't tell you how happy i was with that decision, as I was really hungry at the time and the last thing I felt like doing was waiting over an hour for lamb souvlaki and paying a exorbitant $25 for it. Nando's was, as usual awesome, and we went to the almost equally awesome ice-cream place for dessert.

Following that, what was even more 'awesome' was watching the action-packed North-London derby match last night and seeing Arsenal edge out Spurs 3-1, the last two goals being absolutely spectacular Arsenal strikes. Arsenal are now, for the first time i can remember in at least two seasons, clear at the top of the league table. Hopefully they can keep it up, especially through November when they seem to annually go through a bad patch.

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