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It Begins…

I've just finished the monthly maintenance for the systems at work that gets done, rather surprisingly, on a monthly basis and also contains some maintenance too.

As you can probably tell by now, i'm feeling a little crazy at the moment. Maybe its the tiredness, the heat that's arriving early this year, or possibly the fact that on this hot Sunday night I face work this week on my own without knowing when a replacement IT manager is going to be appointed.

It was a interesting weekend though: Saturday afternoon and night Des and I had the Christening and associated reception for the newest of our nephews. After that I stayed up and watched the Arsenal match, which they won 1-0, man they're playing good at the moment.

Today I went and played football, us winning an energy sapping heat-filled bye-week-following 2pm game 6-1, myself scoring 2 (or was it 3?) goals. I've said it so many times before, man I love playing football. Bye weeks suck.

I also reacquainted myself with the Rogue Leader Gamecube game that I got in January off eBay. I now remember why i didn't finish it: i'm to the last stage and I can't get past it, even with an unlimited lives cheat.

I haven't really bought anything off eBay since February, and funnily enough eBay recently sent me an email basically asking "where the heck have you been?", to which I replied "somewhere else" (not really).

End Transmission.

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