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Is Apple Moving Away From White??

New iPod Classic: no white!In the latest round of product releases from Apple, which includes the new generation of iMacs (their standard desktop computer range) and more recently the new line of iPods, I have noticed a very interesting trend.

Among both these lines, there are no longer any 'white' coloured products. What was once an Apple trademark - the stark white-coloured iPods and computers - now seems to be older fashion for the company. In fact, the only product that seems to have kept a totally white version is the lower line of MacBooks.

Can i just say: Alleluia! and its about freekin time!!

As the frequent readers will be aware, I have been very critical of the 'fashion of white' in recent history: in my opinion it's ugly and so terribly impractical. So it gives me great joy that the company which is probably most resposible for starting and rolling along this colour trend now seems to be ditching it. (I think Apple probably now regards it as a little cliche... lol)

Most of the new Apple products seem to either one or a combination of silver and black, both of which I have no trouble with in terms of techonological hardware.

However it's not all good: Apple seems to have partly kept the white on their new keyboards, which have a silver board but with white keys; I would have thought you'd want it the other way around.

Anywho, Sunday night was our game of indoor which we comfortably won 6-0, myself scoring two goals. I don't know why, but I played a really good game, especially with my shooting: all my shots were on target and hit pretty well.

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