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Healthy!… Apparently & Half Life

When we took a week's break back in August, both me and Des went to the doctors for a general check-up, which also also included getting a general blood test done. I had forgotten to get the results back until this week, and somewhat surprisingly, I am almost completely healthy.

The last test that i've had was back in 2002, so i wasn't expecting great results after having put on a bit of weight since then and my diet not having improved much at all. I was at least expecting my cholesterol to be significantly higher, but the test revealed it as only 3.6 (not anywhere near high)!

Anywho, i've been catching up on a bit of gaming recently. Michael has gotten me all hyped about the upcoming release of the Orange Box, which mainly includes Half Life 2: Episode 2, but the thing is i've - quit mysteriously - never played any of the Half Life games.

So in the last week i've acquired and played through the original Half Life game, and once the The Orange Box comes out i'll play through the Half Life 2 games.

I've also stumbled upon a few good 'trainers' (a form of cheating) for some games recently. They've allowed me to finish Lost Planet which had really pissed me off so i never finished it prior to this week. Also i'm going to renew my interest in Supreme Commander with some trainers...

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