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Trivia & Bribie Paniyiri

Last night me and Des participated in a trivia night for the Solomos Society with a lot of my family. I've been to a fair few trivia nights before, but the questions at last night's one were really difficult. I could only really confidently answer about a quarter of the questions.

The big event this weekend was the first Bribie Island Paniyiri. We were all very nervous about this all week, because in south-east Queensland it has been raining all week. Don't get me wrong the rain has been absolutely fantastic - apparently the last week has seen the first significant influx into the dams for about 5 years, raising them by 1% to about 17% capacity.

It's not so great when you are planning a major outdoor fund-raising event for the Church. There was flooding in surrounding areas and the organisers seriously thought about cancelling the festival. However, after raining almost constantly the past week, we awoke this morning to barely a cloud in the sky.

People at the Bribie Paniyiri

The day was fantastic, both weather-wise and event-wise. I think more people than anticipated turned up, probably numbering in the thousands (pictured), especially the locals up there too.

Hopefully we've raised a significant amount of money for the Bribie project. It'll also be interesting to see if there will be a significant increase in the hits on the Bribie website that i developed and host here on my account because of all today's publicity...

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