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BioshockI haven't bought any new games recently, and it was my intention not to buy any more games until much later in the year when Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Crysis came out. However, another highly anticipated game, Bioshock, has just been released.

I had dismissed it a while ago because it wasn't really my type of game, but it had caught my eye in the last week because of the ridiculously high reviews it has been getting from nearly every reviewer. And by 'high' I mean that I have yet to see a review from a reputable magazine or site that has scored it below 9/10, with quite a few giving it a perfect 10/10.

With my curiosity roused, I downloaded the demo and was thoroughly impressed. It's not the type of game i usually play: it's a zombie/crazy-people FPS, but the story, graphics, and immersive ambience of the game makes it a quite unique offering in recent gaming history.

So yesterday i bought the game (which came in a nice rusty tin case btw), and i played through the first few levels last night. It is a really good game, but i wouldn't really give it 10/10. The water effects are especially amazing.

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