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Work Woes & Indoor Thrashing

Last week at work was a tough one. The new IT Manager was unfortunately very ill, so I was left to man the fort alone. Added to that me having to try and deal with absolutely incompetent web designers who can't even program PHP with the register_globals setting being off (which has been a default PHP setting for 5 years!!), meant that I did not have a overly pleasant week last week.

After goal-keeping in last weeks final at indoor, i have also fielded some back problems, with the left side of my back being very sore and giving me shooting pains every now and then. It is getting better; i'd really like to avoid a trip to the physio.

Speaking of indoor, the trials for the new season started this afternoon, with us playing a newcomer team. I felt really bad for them, we pretty much completely annihilated them 17-2, which is the largest winning margin for a game that i've played in.

Now that it's Sunday night, i'm a little dreading going to work tomorrow. The silver-lining is that i've got a week of holidays coming up soon. It'll be the first break that i've taken (excluding the mandatory Christmas one) since we got back from our honeymoon a year and a half ago.

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