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Milestones: 500 entries, Car Turns 100000, Into the Final

In all the sickness of the past week, i failed to notice that my previous entry was actually my 500th on this blog! *streamers and balloons*

Another numerical event was that our car just turned 100,000. I dunno, but there's something special about watching 99999 turn to 100000. In the age of digital odometers we were deprived of a 'proper' click over, but i was still sad enough to take some pictures:

99999 100000

Also after the sickness of last week, i'm still a fair bit off returning to 100% health. I haven't been able to return to proper eating (although I have had Nando's for dinner the past two nights), and i woke in the middle of the night again with a very queasy stomach.

The upside is that I've lost about four kilos since i've gotten sick, which would be really better if they stayed off: even with them off, i'm still just over 25BMI, which means i'm classified as 'overweight'.

The downside was that i was not really anywhere near fit to properly play in today's indoor semi-final. I didn't really think I could run around too much, so I decided i would goalkeep so our team would at least have a sub.

We ended up hammering our opponents 10-2, I even came out of goals for the last 3 minutes and scored a cracker from the side after connecting onto an awesome pass.

The after-effects of goalkeeping is that I can already feel my right arm being sore - i'm not really used to throwing stuff around with it.

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