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I hate to turn this blog into a whine, but that is how I am feeling of late. I've just had the two most stressful weeks of work i've ever had in my life, and next week doesn't promise to be much better.

My supervisor and the System Admin had his final day yesterday, which leaves me manning the fort by myself until the newly recruited one starts (probably in a week or so). I tried to get as much info as I could off the the now-former admin before he left, but I feel that i didn't get nearly as much as I needed off him, and it exposed how little i knew of the grand scheme of things in terms of how the stuff works.

It has made me quite sad: i had a really good working relationship with the previous guy, and I learnt a great deal off him, so it's really sad to see him go. He was a really nice guy too, so he's left some big shoes to fill from my point of view.

Lately I've had to do probably at least another 2 hours of work each day outside normal hours, which for my accountant friends is normal ;), but i'm definitely not used to it and it's draining me quite quickly.

In my hours outside of doing work i've been trying to find stuff to distract my mind to I don't think about work endlessly and go crazy. Last night Despina and I went to the movies. There are just so may 'must see' movies coming out, i thought we better get started on them.

We saw Spiderman 3, which I wasn't really impressed with at all. They tried to fit too many things into the plot, which I thought was done well in terms of the movie's continuity, but the plots themselves were so gut-wrenchingly stupid and illogically self-serving it ruined the movie as a whole for me.

Next on the movie firing list should be Pirates 3.

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