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Sickness: The Streak is Over

Adding to my woes from the previous entry, the day after that (Wednesday) i woke-up not feeling too good at all. I decided there was no way that I was going to work, and as the day progressed, boy was I glad with that decision.

You may recall that at the end of last year I bragged about my vomit-free streak that i've had going since the start of 1999. I said back then that me bragging about it will probably curse me, and yesterday that proved correct (even though it took 6 months in coming).

Yesterday morning my spectacular 8 1/2 year streak came to an end. It would have been nice to have made it to a decade, but I guess I had a good run.

I'm usually a pretty healthy person, but I must have picked up a stomach bug in the past few days. I very rarely get sick (anything beyond a sore-throat or runny nose), so this is quite a strange and foreign experience to me.

6 thoughts on “Sickness: The Streak is Over”

  1. Spooky... maybe were both on the computer at the same time and caught the a virus off the internets? (kidding)

    hehe, some IT guys i know have actually had people ask if computer viruses are transmittable to humans.

  2. that would be fairly impressive since i was at a monastery...
    i'm not sure how long i've been, but i'm fairly sure it was vomit-free since 2002 (which didn't sound good anyway). five years is okay...


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