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Distracting Pwnage & Sam n’ Max

The weekend of distraction went well. I've reacquainted myself with Unreal Tournament 2004, playing online against the people on the Bigpond GameArena onslaught demo server. I'm actually doing better than I expected against the other people on it, and darn it's fun to play again.

It's also good to actually see the fruits of my beast-building with the performance on Trogdor absolutely rocking.

Sam and MaxThe other game that has fulfilled my distraction needs is the first season of the new Sam & Max game. The original Sam & Max Hit the Road from LucasArts was the first game that our family ever got on CD-ROM (for $120(!) in 1993), and is still one of my most favourite memories in gaming.

I was so excited when LucasArts announced a sequel a few years back, and then so disappointed when they cancelled it. Thus when Telltale Games announced that they were developing a new Sam & Max project, i was relieved.

The result was a foray into episodic gaming (a series of short games released frequently with an overarching storyline). However i prefer to play most of the game at once, so i've waited until the end of the season and bought the whole thing.

I played the first two episodes (of six) of season one on the weekend, and overall i love Sam & Max. However the guy they got to do Max's voice doesn't sound right, and Max definitely needs to be more violent... hehe

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