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Things Going Wrong

I know this is going to sound a little stuck-up and unrealistic, but why do things have to go wrong? Currently we're in the middle of sorting out a lot of little and annoying inconveniences that tend to come at you in life.

Now I know that they are totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it still has the effect of slowly eroding your enjoyment of time, especially the little spare time that we manage to afford ourselves in this increasingly 'busy' culture.

What are some of these little things going wrong? The little car accident mentioned a few entries ago is going to be a lot more expensive to rectify than originally anticipated, and thus we have to go through the process of making a insurance claim.

A little while back our garbage-disposal ('insinkerator' thingy) broke, and more pressing now our hot water system starting to leak water. It's not leaking that much water (slowly dripping really, but i think it has rusted through the bottom), but especially in the current drought situation it is necessary to get the issue resolved swiftly. We had resuscitated the ageing system twice last year, but this time i fear we will need to replace it entirely.

Of course all these things cost money, and unfortunately it is money that really hasn't really been budgeted for, so into the savings we go.

On the computing side of things, our external 'storage' also corrupted itself over the past week or so. I spent last night after Church till about 3am retrieving what data I could off the drive, and am now putting everything back on it. Very frustrating, but i think i know what caused the corruption and it's probably a result of my own fault anyway.

Anywho, i'll stop whining. This past week has been largely un-spectacular. Yep, the opposite of spectacular. I moved desks at work, and yeah, that's about it.

Today I played indoor, and we drew 3-3 in a game that we should have comfortably won. We were 3-1 with about 2 minutes to go and we managed to concede two quite poor goals for them to draw the match.

After that we went down the coast to warm/bless Andrew's house that his current place of employment is providing him with. We played a bit of Wii (four player tennis is pretty fun), and came back here tonight.

Also I have revised my opinion on Supreme Commander that I presented in the previous entry. It's really grown on me now that I've had more time to play it, but i still wouldn't say that it is a fantastic game.

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