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Long Weekend & Supreme Commander Thoughts

Went back to work today after having Monday off for the Labor Day public holiday here in Queensland. After installing everything on the new computer Friday night, I had to configure it all again, which took most of Saturday. I also played through a fair bit of Call of Duty 2 to make sure that the gaming side of things was working fine ;).

That night we went to Church, and afterwards went to Dominos at West End for dinner. It turned out to be a pretty action-packed dinner as a high-school dance that was being held in a hall two-doors up the street got a bit out of hand.

Bottles were broken and the cops were called in and shut the thing down, one kid getting tackled and arrested by the police right in front of us. I'd say there were easily 50 police there and a couple of hundred of young kids. They had to block the street as they all exited, I caught a few pictures on my phone of the commotion, one of which is below:


Sunday was mainly spent bumming around, surprisingly not much of it on the computer. I was due to play indoor in the afternoon, but i very stupidly got the time of the game wrong, and whilst driving to the indoor centre to play my game at 3:40 I was rung and asked why didn't I show up to our game that was really on at 1:00.

That actually made me really depressed because I was so looking forward to playing that day, and i felt that I was robbed of the weekly release that Sunday football has actually become for me. The feeling of depression reinforced how much playing football actually means to me, and made even worse in that the team that they played that game was utter crap and they tore them apart (which meant I missed out on a very enjoyable game).

That afternoon and night I vented my frustrations on some World War II German soldiers in Call of Duty.

Monday was spent almost exclusively playing Supreme Commander. I've got to say that in playing the game I was largely disappointed. This is mainly for a few reasons:
- Although it is Total Annihilation-esque, i don't really 'feel' that it is the 'spiritual successor' to the game. In particular, the commander is basically a weak engineering bot! Where's the D-Gun dammit?!
- Graphically the game is pretty plain, in my opinion i think even the original Total Annihilation from 10 years ago looks better.
- Although it is one of its main marketed draw-cards, I don't really like the scale of the game; I think the relatively poor visuals are a result of this: you're too busy looking at the bigger picture to see - or for the game to even have - good detailed graphics. I'd rather smaller-scale better looking stuff.

All that said, it still is a pretty decent RTS, and it was inevitable that I was going to be disappointed after building it up for myself for such a long period of time (it's been my wallpaper on my work computer for almost two years now!). I'm playing through the Cybran campaign, and will probably do the UEF one as well when i'm finished with that.

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