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Wedding Trilogy Complete & Goal Drought Over

My Brother's WeddingYesterday our family celebrated the final wedding of the Costi kids, my older brother (the eldest sibling) getting married yesterday.

It was another great wedding, i'm very happy for the both of them. It's common knowledge that my brother has never really gotten on well with myself or my sister, and surprisingly last night in his speech (i'm not sure how of it was affected by alcohol ;)), he actually apologised to the both us for himself over the years. That surprised me a lot to say the least.

So that's the last wedding for my parents: they've married off all three of their kids in the space of 14 months.

This afternoon was our indoor game, and today i finally ended my goal drought that has been plaguing me over the past 5 or 6 games. We had a pretty convincing 8-2 win, myself grabbing a hattrick, my second goal was an awesome long-range one if i do say so myself.

Also, i'm typing this out on our brand-spanking-new computer, but i'll have an entry dedicated to that in the next few days :D.

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