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Website Development & Unlucky Indoor

So ends another weekend, and again it has flown by without me really taking a breath.

I have spent most of the weekend working on the website for the Church's Bribie Island Youth Centre project. It's almost finished, and hopefully it will go 'live' within the next few weeks. All my readers can have a sneak-peak of the website here. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions are appreciated. Special thanks to Despina who helped me out with all the imagery stuff.

Last night after Church we had a 'going away' thing for Con who is heading off to London to work for an undefined period of time. I'm still trying to convince him to start up a blog for while he's over there. People should spam him until he does... 😉

Today I played in the semi-final of our indoor competition. We lost 1-0 :(. It was probably the tightest indoor game that i've ever played in, neither side really had many solid chances. The goal that won it was an extremely unlucky own-goal by Nick who was playing goal-keeper: a swift cross deflected off Wil and then off Nick to end up in the back of the net. I honestly felt really sorry for Nick because other than that he had an absolutely amazing game in goals. I can't say we really deserved to lose the game, so going out the way we did I think was quite harsh, not to mention so very unlucky.

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