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Relaxing Weeked

For the first time in a very long time i've had an almost totally relaxed weekend. Mainly a result of our untimely exit of indoor at the semi-finals last week, this weekend was clear of any external commitments.

Other than the washing and cleaning, we've totally relaxed, watched a few movies, and played a bit of Nintendo.

Last night we went to Church, and afterwards, thanks to some fantastic foresight last week, we already had our post-Church dinner worked out and booked. This saved us from the weekly semi-torturous experience of the group deciding where to go to eat.

Before getting the food, me and Des went to get some cash out. I have been really frustrated with our bank's ATM convenience of late. For one the of the biggest banks in Australia, they don't have that many ATMs in Brisbane, and the ones they do have are very often out of service. As a result of privacy and security paranoia, i won't mention which bank.

After going out of our way to go to our bank's only ATM in the area (you pay a fee if you use a 3rd party ATM), we arrive there to see that it was, for me unsurprisingly, out of service. I was pretty much fuming, and today I did what any really pissed off customer in a Western society does: I wrote a letter.

Hopefully they will take the letter seriously, and at least refund the ATM fee which I had to pay last night, but more importantly hopefully they will install a few more ATMs around the city and make sure the ones they do have actually work.

6 thoughts on “Relaxing Weeked”

  1. i have news, i bought a laptop, and i also caved and decided not to buck the trend but actually buy into it...i bought World of Warcraft.
    I'll let you know how it is.

  2. World of Warcraft?! Don't you have a life?! (South Park reference)

    But seriously, any game that makes you pay continuously to use it just plain mean.

    WoW sucks.

  3. it's actually not too bad, another good thing is now that i'e had to set up wireless for the laptop, i have wireless for the wii as i need to get a classic controler


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