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Scratch Off One Windows Annoyance

Despite my leaning towards Windows as my preferred operating system, I am more than happy to admit that it is definitely far from perfect. There are some things that, despite being so simple to fix or update, have not been corrected even with the now-released Windows Vista.

One of my main irks is the inability of Windows to allow you to rearrange the order of items in the taskbar to how you want it. The order of windows or programs in the taskbar is set as the order in which they are opened, which can be really annoying if you want them ordered in a particular way for any reason.

Firefox allows you to order tabs in such a fashion, and heck, even Internet Explorer 7 allows the rearrangement of the tab order using the same drag-and-drop action. So why on Earth can't Microsoft implement such a simple 'feature' of having the option to rearrange taskbar items in the same manner?! It's so simple and relatively easy to implement it's not funny!

TaskbarShuffleToday I had enough. At work i went out searching for a free add-on application which implements this functionality, and I found it: Taskbar Shuffle.

It works exactly how i'd expect it would, and it is fantastic. I am so overjoyed at finally solving one of my biggest Windows annoyances for free that i've actually made a small donation to the developer through PayPal in appreciation.

Although I'm yet to use this program for an extended time to adequately test it out, i'm pretty confident it will work fine. Give it a go, if you're like me it'll be extremely useful.

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