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Not really that much has happened in the past few days. Friday night I went over to Michael's place to play some games. It was pretty good, mainly because it meant I could play against some formidable opposition; Des doesn't really give me too much trouble ;); I think she has only beaten me in Wii Tennis, and only once.

It also revealed how cool Rayman is multiplayer. I'm starting to get really really frustrated at Australia's crippling nunchuck shortage for the Wii. I hope Nintendo gets their act together and start sending us some big shipments real soon.

After the usual Saturday cleaning and washing, last night after Church we celebrated Andrew's birthday. The venue of his choice for the occasion was non-other than the ubiquitous McDonalds. I might take this opportunity to inform the readers who don't know Andrew, that he turned 22 this past week ;), and I for one was happy with his choice of venue :D.

Today was a bad day at indoor. Due to travels, illnesses and alike, we were down to only five players, which included Rhys as a ringer. Unfortunately, Rhys injured his finger in the fist half and couldn't play any more, which meant we hand to play out about 2/3rds of the game with only four people.

The game was tight before the injury (i think they were winning 1-0), but predictably with an extra man they overcame us. It was really just damage control for the rest of the match for us (a team gets a bonus point for every three goals they score), and we limited them to 4-0 which was a pretty good effort. I should have scored a few goals, but i don't think they would have made a difference in the end anyway.

Back to work tomorrow.

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