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Wristy & Transfers

I've been out of blogging action since Sunday mainly because my right wrist has been killing me over the past few days. I suspect that it's from playing waaay too much Donkey Kong Country on the Nintendo over the weekend as well as possibly falling on it at football on Sunday morning.

Anywho, I get ahead of myself. On Saturday night we went to Church, and afterwards a fairly large group (not as large as last week though) went to Nando's for dinner. Nando's was of course very nice.

Our game of indoor on Sunday was at the unfriendly time of 9:40am. In the end I was kind of glad that it was that early because Sunday was a really hot day, and I definitely wouldn't like to have known how hot that shed was at 1 or 2pm, because even at 10 it was considerably steamy.

We ended up winning the game 4-1, which was a lot tighter than the scoreline suggests. Towards the end I got totally taken out rounding an opposition player, and ended up rolling into the net. I thought it deserved a card, but eh.

This week at work so far has been predictable, but due to differences in our normal after-work routine, throughout this week i've thought that it is the day after it actually is, e.g. i feel like today is Thursday. It sucks because the week won't end when it feels like it's supposed to.

I'm also currently in process of transferring my domain names between registrars. If the site goes missing over the next few days you know why...

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