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Summer Arrives on Greek Time

Summer HeatSummer has properly arrived in Brisbane over the last week or so. We finally have had our first sustained period of 30 degree plus weather, and of course I hate it. It's only about a month and a half late, so it must be running on Greek time (i.e. late!) this year.

Though I am grateful that it has taken a while coming, but I don't want 3 months of heat starting from now because that would suck. The air-conditioning has been, as always, the contraption that is helping me from going insane.

Speaking of insane, some of our neighbours in the unit block we live in have been starting to get on my nerves of late, primarily concerning waste disposal. For the past few weeks most have not taken their bins out to the street to get them emptied on the specified day. Of course as we have taken ours out and thus our bin is relatively empty, they have been using our bin to dispose of their waste because theirs is now full with over two weeks of garbage that is quite literally starting to really stink.

It's funny how the people who actually own units (including ourselves) are the ones who regularly take their bins out, while the renters are typically the ones who don't seem to care about being surrounded in the waste they create. Funny that.

3 thoughts on “Summer Arrives on Greek Time”

  1. wrt bins: hardly surprising - people who have bought a place are far more likely to have a vested interest in keeping that place at least as valuable - renters don't have that fixed identity, so their prime motivation is a desire to not get charged when they leave...


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