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Christmas Day 2006

Today, of course, is Christmas. A big 'Merry Christmas!' to everybody!

Honestly for myself today doesn't really feel like Christmas. I dunno, it's probably tied into the fact that this is our first Christmas after getting married, which also means that this is the first Christmas not spent at my former home or at least totally with my parents.

This morning we went to Church to the later 8am English Liturgy, there being much less people than I expected. Either everybody went to the earlier Greek one to satisfy impatient youngsters, or attendance was seriously down this year.

This year also features another thing that has largely been different from previous years: no one massive family event. You see, typically one household in my parent's extended family usually throws one massive dig for the whole extended family and spouses. This usually has a head count of at least around 30+.

This year however, mainly due to spousal fragmentation (i.e. people going over their spouse's family's places), combined with a significant portion of the extended family being overseas this Christmas period, meant that there was no big family thing.

Today we visited three people's places: the in-laws immediately after Church, my parents for our main lunch, and an Aunty's place for dinner, thereby fulfilling all social and familial obligations for today.

I am now really tired and feel like sleep.

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