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Things I do first…

Day 25 of NaBloPoMo

Unfortunately I don't have any back injuries this week, so that means that I must partake in cleaning the unit today.

Anyway, i thought I might do an entry about the things that I do when i first get on the net.

The very first thing i do is open a browser... (*palm in the air* high five! ...anyone? ...don't leave me hangin?! Yeah, i know, that was a really crap nerdy joke).

But seriously, after I open Firefox, I open about four new tabs. The first one is my homepage (this blog), and the very first thing I do is check to see if there are any new comments, and if I have the time/need to reply to any, i do.

The second tab is GMail, in which I obviously check my mail, and again, if I have the time/need to reply to any, i do. The third tab is Google Reader, in which I read over any new articles/entries from feeds that I follow. And again, if I have the time/need to reply/comment on any, i do.

The fourth tab is usually variable, most of the time it is reserved for the reason that I got on the net in the first place. For example: to do some banking, check a football score etc., but ironically i usually attend to that task (the reason i got on in the computer in the first place) after the aforementioned other tabs. Dumb I know, and it is something that particularly annoys the Mrs, who regularly walks in and exclaims "I thought you were going on the computer to do [insert reason for going on computer]!" when I am actually commenting on one of Andrew's blog entries.

Speaking of the Mrs, today is actually our fifth 'old' anniversary. The 'old' anniversary being the anniversary of us going out for the first time, and it's 'old' because we now have a proper anniversary in our wedding. Nevertheless, it's quite hard to believe we have been together for half a decade. Sometimes if feels a lot shorter than that, and other times it's hard to think back to a time when we weren't together. Must be my memory playing up again...

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  1. Yeah I know, but strangely I prefer opening the tabs myself and going to the pages. (plus I think that NoSquint (the text resizing extension) somehow doesn't resize the text by default on multiple 'home tabs' on start-up. I might submit a bug report about that...)


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