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Day 15 of NaBloPoMo

Today whilst going to lunch to get my required Nando's hit for the week, a massive and quite quick storm hit Brisbane at around 1pm. This is the biggest weather we've had in a long time: the amount of rain, the force of the wind, not to mention the hail, made it quite a lunch break.

Business's hanging signs were ripped off and tossed around, and in all about 15 minutes later, the sun was out shining again. The afternoon summer storms always seem to be like that in Brisbane. You see the green clouds building on the western horizon as geography disappears behind the storm front, then it hits you with all the rain, wind, and hail. It usually only lasts 5 to 20 minutes, and then 5 minutes after that the sun is shining again, and the only indication you just had a vicious storm would be the water on the ground along with all the leaves, branches and various other debris ripped loose by the wind.

I'm really looking forward to the end of this week. I was interrupted in typing this blog entry to attend to a work server-related issue. Not the best thing to do now that i'm home, but it was better to confront the issue in the middle of the night, rather than in the middle of a busy day when everybody is there.

The nights here in Brisbane have been getting increasingly more uncomfortable as the summer heat starts to arrive (i spend most of the day in air-con at work so I don't really notice it then). It's been just not hot enough to justify me turning on our bedroom air-conditioning yet, but it still sux.

I hate this weather and I hate summer. I don't see how people can like being in hot, steamy, sticky weather night and day and enjoy it. Yes you can go down to the beach etc in summer, but that is really only one or two days a week for most people, while for the other days you have to put up with it. Give me winter any day.

3 thoughts on “Stormerrific”

  1. yeah, but winter is usually just too much. jackets and jumpers and coats are just really inconvenient, and you never get the adjustment right. at least in summer everyone is sweating...

  2. Yeah, as Rolando says, I sweat a lot more and a lot more easily than most people.

    It's just comfort for me: in winter chuck some clothes on and your good, indoors or outdoors. In summer, especially outside, there's only so many pieces of clothing you can take off before you get arrested.

    I'd take the inconvenience of carrying more clothes rather than everybody being sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable in 35C+ heat any day.


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