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No More Ads

Day 22 of NaBloPoMo

After putting them up at the start of this month, Today I decided to remove the crappy Google ads from this blog.

The amount of revenue raised in the twenty-something days i've had them has been pretty paltry: all of 3 clicks totalling USD$0.48. Wow, I could almost buy a Chupa-Chup.

But the main reason why i'm taking them down is that they've started to annoy me: the make the blog look crap (well, more crap than it usually looks), and I don't really want people advertising total garbage like this on my site.

Other than that, there isn't really that much to blog today. Enjoy the ad-free goodness 😀

3 thoughts on “No More Ads”

  1. I'm not knocking chupa-chups! I love chupa-chups! I remember when Mum bought us a whole tin of them once. mmmm...

    I was merely pointing out that my pathetic advertising earnings couldn't even enable me to buy one (chupa-chups being a small, relatively cheap confectionery item)

  2. actually, i'm fairly sure that you could. US$0.48 probably translates into about AU$0.70, which would give you a full chupa-chup, stick and all, with change.
    that doesn't take away your point, of course, just your example; and it still couldn't buy you a stick of chewing gum.


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